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Terms and Conditions

These are the terms of service that regulate the Website www.battistashop.com and the services it provides.

- Read carefully before placing an order on www.battistashop.com.

Battista Shop is the name of the Enterprise by Michele Battista registered in Italy at “RegistroDelleImprese”, Number of activity REA 371648.  Our registered address is Via S.P. S.Giorgio 60 km 3,200. Our “Partita IVA” is 04962140721.-In particular we would like to inform you about our Purchasing Policy and Privacy Policy. If you are under 16 of age you will have to be authorized by an adult to use the Website www.battistashop.com and you will have to accept our Privacy Policy during the Registration Process. Wi will accept orders only from adult buyers.

-Our terms of use may change in time so we welcome you to read and check them before placing an order. In case the Terms of Use would change after you placed an order, that order would not be interested by the changing.

1. In order to use our services you will have to sign up. Registration requires complete and truthful personal data. For Further information read carefully the Privacy Policy.

2. In order to place orders on our Website you will have to provide your personal data. In particular you will be asked to enter your NAME, your PHONE NUMBER, your E-MAIL ADDRESS, and OTHER INFORMATION required in the FORM. Furthermore you will have to enter verified personal data at the moment of payment. The NAME/SURNAME on the Credit Card and/or Bank Account from which the payment is made will confirm the Identity of the buyer, which will also be necessary for the invoice. The Website services can be used by whoever detains a Credit/Debit Card valid and accepted from Fashion Hair Shop. The condition is that the Card give Fashion Hair Shop the possibility to stop the entire amount of the payment out of the account of the Credit Card Holder. Battista Shop may decide on whether restrict the purchase of a single item to the same Client or address.By placing an order you give Battista Shop the permission to carry out checks, transmit or obtain information, if necessary, about you or third parts (Credit Card Number, Authentication of your Identity, validation of your credit/debit card).You also give Battista Shop the permission to use your personal information in order to carry out anti-fraud checks. The personal information provided will be examined by an Agency for Fraud Prevention/ Reference on Credit, that might keep a copy of the data you provided, to use it whether necessary.Read more information about this in our Privacy Policy.

3. Each order is subjected to acceptance and availability of the items you have ordered. The items in your cart are note reserved unless you complete your order and for this reason they can be bought by other clients.

4. The Price List on the Website presents prices in euro and these prices already include the VAT.All the prices are valid as long as the offer on the website is still standing.The Prices on the Website at the moment of the placing of the order will be considered as final, except in case of visible error of the system itself. The Price list of the items on the Website is decided at the beginning of each season in consideration of the currency change. The prices may change according to the change of the currency during the placing of the order.If your Credit/Debit Card is not in Euro, please consider that as you place an order. The final price will be sensible to the changing of the currency from Euro to your currency.

5. Once your order is placed, you will receive an e-mail that summarize your order. Please pay attention to the fact that this e-mail doesn’t stand as a validation of your order, it is a receipt of it.If you don’t abort your order, the receipt of your order will soon lead to a validation process and the contract between you and Fashion hair Shop will follow its course and the item/s you have selected will be sent to you.Although Fashion Hair Shop reserves the right not to accept your order in one of the following cases: the payment cannot be finalized due to any problems with the Bank Account or Credit/Debit Card; there are restrictions on the expedition of a particular item; the item is out of stock or doesn’t fit anymore our quality standards; The Client does not fit in with the criteria specified in the Terms of Use.Fashion Hair Shop is also able to refuse to finalize an order based on internal decisions.

6. Payment can be made by Credit/Debit Card or whatever method the Website accepts at the moment of the placing of the order.Payments will be accepted and your orders will be processed by Battista Shop.You therefore confirm that the Credit/Debit Card used belongs to you or that you are authorized by the Official Card Owner of using it. Each and every Card Owner is subject to checks and validation by the  organization that released the Credit/Debit Card. If the payment is not honored by the Authority that released the Credit/debit Card, Battista Shop is not responsible for any delay or nondelivery. Battista Shop is committed to keeping the safety of the Website. If you are aClient of Battista Shop, we will keep safe your personal and payment data. Data will be encrypted and used exclusively for your orders.

7. Battista Shop Gift Cards (printed or virtual) follow the upcoming conditions:- Gift Cards are valid for 6 months from the moment they are released;- Gift Cards cannot be transferred, returned or changed in money;- If the sum of money to correspond for your order is lesser than the value of the Gift Card, the amount of remaining credit will be credit to your account and will be used in any upcoming order; - If the sum of money to correspond for your order is bigger than the value of the Gift Card, the amount of remaining credit to correspond will be taken automatically from your account in order to cover for the payment.- If the sum of money to correspond for your order is bigger than the value of the Gift Card and you don’t have any remaining credit on your Account, you can correspond the remaining sum of money to cover the entire order by Credit/Debit Card.- If you change the items you bought by using a Gift Card, the corresponding credit will be placed on your account and will be used automatically in the upcoming orders.- Virtual Gift Cards are sent via e-mail to the Client mail once the order is confirmed, validated and payment corresponded. A copy will be sent to the Client as confirmation of the order.- Battista Shop is not responsible for sending the Gift Card to an incorrect or faulty e-mail address (it is a responsibility of the Client to provide a correct e-mail address)- Fashion Hair Shop is not responsible if the Gift Card is used without authorization of its Owner.- Fashion Hair Shop reserves the right to cancel a Gift Card whether necessary.